June 2018 | Jewlybox Subscription Box

Welcome to the June 2018 Jewlybox Collection, Summer Lovin’! We are so excited to unveil this month’s collection and can’t wait to show you all the pieces inside this month’s collection.

If you haven’t heard of Jewlybox yet, we’re glad you’re hear and can’t wait share with you the phenomenon that is changing the way women buy jewelry.  You can visit our website for all the information on the box.  In essence, Jewlybox is a jewelry subscription box transforming the way women shop for and accessorize jewelry.  We offer curated sets of jewelry each month with all coordinating pieces that can be worn with pretty much every outfit you can imagine.  We curate pieces based on what is in style and we do our best to select pieces that work well with any age demographic so women of all ages can join in on the fun! You can learn more about Jewlybox by visiting our website, www.myjewlybox.com

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Now, lets get down to business!

Each piece you see can be purchased from our Jewlybox shop, if it is not yet sold out! If you see something you can’t live without, just click the image to shop each piece! Or, head on over to the Jewlybox Shop to shop all the pieces at once.

Theme: Summer Lovin’  – This month’s theme was all about curating pieces to accessorize the perfect summer look.  The Summer Lovin’ collection has been our most requested collection and we’re so excited to finally be unveiling it and talking all about it.

First, we are going to unveil the Gold Collection, since that has been the most popular collection this month.


Kellie Earrings | Retail $29
Sarah Hoops | Retail $22
Emily Earrings | Retail $29


Lona Earrings | Retail $29


Callie Bracelet | Retail $32
Josie Cuff Set | Retail $44
Anne Bracelet | Retail $29
Morgan Bracelet | Retail $24


Katie Necklace | Retail $38
Cora Necklace | Retail $48

Next up is the Silver Collection which we designed with all the current styles in mind.  In this collection, we decided to include several blue and simplistic pieces that are sure to go with all the gorgeous styles of clothing this summer! We have seen so much blue in chambray, stripes and gingham that we couldn’t resist throwing in the perfect accents in this month’s box.


Lona Earrings | Retail $29
Kate Earrings | Retail $22
Jaclyn Earrings | Retail $29
Lily Earrings | Retail $29


Lauren Cuff | Retail $32
Morgan Bracelet | Retail $24


Caroline Necklace Set | Retail $36
Jenna Necklace | Retail $24
Cora Necklace Set | Retail $39

We hope you enjoyed seeing the pieces from this month’s collection.  Make sure you are subscribed to future blog updates as you can see how to style these pieces and how to wear them with all the cute summer outfits.  If you are not already following Jewlybox on Instagram, make sure you do that by following @jewlybox or clicking this link.  We post fun updates every single day you won’t want to miss.

If you have any questions about Jewlybox, you can reach out to us at hello@jewlybox.com.

Until next time, have a gorgeous day!


The Jewlybox Style Team